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University of Michigan, West Ann Arbor Health Center

NSC furnished and installed all the finish carpentry to include the custom millwork, solid surface counter tops, wood trim, and resin panels.  The custom wall panels were the major challenge of this project.  Due to schedule constraints the custom perimeter panels could not be built in a traditional manor of field measuring with factor fabrication.  NSC secured the raw materials and field fabricated all these panels to deliver this project on time to the owner. NSC also furnished and installed the wall protection and toilet accessories.

General Contractor

George Auch Company


University of Michigan


O/X Studio


Ann Arbor, MI

Completion Date


Project Scope: 

  • Bath Accessories

  • Casework

  • Finish Carpentry

  • Various Specialties

  • Finish Carpentry

  • Architectural Wood Casework

  • Rigid Vinyl Wall Coverings

  • Interior Wall Panels

  • Wall Protection

  • Toilet Accessories

  • Counter Tops

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