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About Us

National Specialty Contractors 

In 2014, National Specialty Contractors, LLC was founded to provide service to an expanding construction market in Southeast Michigan. Our ongoing purpose is to provide exceptional service to existing clientele and develop new and long lasting relationships for the future.

National Specialty Contractors is one of many subsidiaries of National Construction Enterprises, Inc. (NCE).  NCE was established more than 50 years ago and has a long and distinguished record of achievement, earning national and international prominence.  As a group, we consistently rank in the top 10 in the United States among wall and ceiling contractors. National Specialty's commitment to the success of every project extends to the financial strength as well. By leveraging the resources of our parent company NSC is able to assure strong financial backing and large bonding capacities.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service and quality found within the construction industry to all of our existing and potential clients, while maintaining our companies core values of  “service, quality, commitment and trust”! Our goal is to satisfy each client and develop lasting relationships to ensure the possibility of repeat business and future growth.

Our Mission

Certifications & Memberships

Our keys to success will always be to provide the best possible and most diversified services we can give to our clients.


Our goal is to remove the burden of multiple tasks from our client and provide them with an all inclusive and easily managed contract package.


Relationship building is one of our major keys to success. We strive to learn about our clients both professionally and personally. We take the extra step of creating a common bond with the client.


We believe through relationship building we can provide our clients with the extra attention required to deliver a superior, well-crafted product.

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